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Jeff and Gloria Emmerich Ministries

Jeff and Gloria have been in full time Christian music and drama ministry for more than 40 years. They began traveling in 1975 and have shared their two person musicals in nearly every state in the US and in dozens of foreign countries on five continents. In addition to performing at their theatre (the Rocky Hock Playhouse) in North Carolina they are now getting “back to their roots” and doing more and more church ministry. The Emmerichs two-person musicals include Together Forever, The Gift of Love, We’re in This Together, and Out of the Darkness. They also work extensively with children and can even include them in their musical, Noah’s Incredible Cruise. Consider inviting the Emmerichs to your church for ministry any time of the year. They have musicals for children, Valentines, adults, and senior adults that range from 35 to 60 minutes in length.


CLICK HERE to read more about the Emmerich's ministry.

Five Musicals to Choose from:
Noah's Incredible Cruise

This children’s musical, written by Gloria Emmerich, is always enjoyed by all age groups. Jeff and Gloria play Noah and his wife and bring the truths of this remarkable Old Testament story to life. Noah's Incredible Cruise can be performed by just the Emmerichs...or better yet, they can also incorporate local children into the musical with them. Jeff and Gloria have performed this musical for thousands of children and their families around the world. At your request the Emmerichs send lyric sheets and a sound track CD ahead to the youth workers who then teach the children three songs from the musical. When the Emmerichs arrive they just need a few minutes to give  instructions to the kids and they are performance ready. Then, with the creative help of parents (who dress their children as “animals” for the performance) the musical is on its feet and ready to perform. Noah's Incredible Cruise is especially appropriate for Sunday school rallies, church services, and any time evangelism is the goal. Three male and three female (older) teens or adults are also nice to have on stage to help keep the children “organized.” (These individuals play the roles of Noah’s sons and daughters-in-law. They are not essential but it gives some of the older “kids” a chance to perform as well.)  The musical is about 35 minutes in length.


Out of the Darkness

This powerful musical by Gloria Emmerich  is enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring.  Everyone relates to each of the characters who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles as they receive Jesus and work to make Him reign as Lord and Savior in their lives. The characters include: The Cana couple, the paralytic man, Peter (and his cantankerous mother-in-law), John, Martha, the sinful woman, and a leper. Rejoice with them as the reality of Jesus’ resurrection fills each character with eternal hope. A hundred life-changing sermons are rolled into this one hour musical that is filled with joy and passion.  Plus, there is a little twist to the story that really helps bring the message home—all of the characters are portrayed in an “American Old West” setting.  People’s problems have not changed so much over the years and the answer to their problems remains the same…”yesterday, today, and forever!”


Together, Forever
(Perfect for any married couple event!!!!)

Together, Forever deals with relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ, but primarily with relationships between husbands and wives.  Many churches create a “couples night out” event and this musical is the perfect entertainment piece for that occasion.  It is also ideal for marriage retreats.  There is good comedy in the musical as well as some extremely poignant moments.   God's Word and principles are woven into all the skits, narratives, and songs.  It is a very powerful musical designed to strengthen the marriage relationship, and perhaps as a result, the church as a whole. As a bonus (though we do not advertise it widely as it tends to scare off some of the men) we also generally incorporate a renewal of the wedding vows into the musical.  We always ask permission of the person in charge before including the vows as each church views this segment with a different mind-set. The renewal of vows can be excluded if you wish but it has proven to be a big hit in most cases over the years! God has used this musical in a powerful way to both heal and strengthen marriage relationships.


The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love (by Gloria Emmerich) is a musical that focuses on relationships.  It targets issues regarding families in general and highlights the central theme of love as we interact with friends, neighbors, and co-workers in everyday life.  The musical is based on biblical principles as they relate to friendship and family.  The Gift of Love is intended to help individuals, couples, and families grow in an understanding of how God wants us to interrelate as His children.  The Gift of Love gently teaches us that God wants us to learn to share ourselves with others by “giving” gifts of love… and humbly “receiving” gifts of love and kindness from our fellow man…and from God.  Good friendships are the basis of a great deal of happiness in our lives.  This musical is designed to help us help ourselves by learning to accept the most precious gift of all—The Gift of Love in Jesus Christ!


We're in This Together

Jeff and Gloria Emmerich have had quite a journey.  They were high school sweethearts, married at 18, became parents at 22 (the same year they went into full time music ministry) and now have 38 years of marriage to their credit.  This musical by Gloria Emmerich is both heartwarming and edifying.  There is something in it for everyone to identify with.  They’ve learned plenty of secrets along the way and share, through this musical, some key insights into succeeding in relationships with friends, family, church family, children, and the Lord.  It’s like a sermon in song to most congregations.  Following performances people always say, “You could never have made that up!”  The sensational music includes a number of familiar tunes to help tell the story.  Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that we never have to take the journey alone because...We're in This Together.


For booking information contact:
Jeff Emmerich

(252) 339-0518


Downloadable publicity materials for upcoming 
musical performances.

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Noah's Incredible Cruise

Out of the Darkness

Together, Forever

The Gift of Love

We're in This Together