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The Musicals of Gloria Emmerich

The vast majority of musicals produced and performed at the Rocky Hock Playhouse are written by Gloria Emmerich. She has penned dozens of musicals and many of them are available through her publishing company which is based in Edenton, NC. Gloria is a prolific writer and her works have been performed hundreds of times in over a dozen countries around the world. We invite you to visit the Emmerich Publications website by clicking on this link: www.christianmusicalsonline.com. Promotional videos of many of her shows are available for viewing below.



Born this Day
(in the City of David)

This musical is based on the story of Jesus’ birth as recounted in the gospels. Born This Day includes the characters of Mary and Joseph of course, but also Mary's sister and parents, Gabriel, and the wonderful Aunt Elizabeth and Zechariah. The show is narrated by Reumah and Homer. This fun loving couple serve as both comic relief and narrators in the story. They also happen to be the innkeepers in Bethlehem which gives them a unique perspective.


Heaven Came Down

Mary and Joseph had a very special love for one another. Few could imagine that they did not have conversations about their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. What young couple does not sit under a starry sky and imagine what their futures will hold. Joseph and Mary were no different. Heaven Came Down includes the characters of Mary and Joseph of course, but also the sister (Joannah) that Joseph might well have had, Mary’s parents, Gabriel, and the wonderful Aunt Elizabeth and her adoring husband Zechariah.


For God So Loved...

Hosanna, what a savior! The earth rejoiced when Jesus was born and wept at his death. But, because of an empty tomb, we're singing again today. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus will come alive to you in this musical passion by Gloria Emmerich. For God So Loved... features Jesus, Julia (the woman at the well), Mary, Martha, and many of Jesus' disciples including Peter, James, and John. The music is joyful, uplifting, and triumphant. Jesus is the Resurrection and the life! He is risen—He is Risen indeed!


Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness is an Easter musical designed to encourage and inspire.  Rarely has a musical better helped the audience understand both the humanity and deity of Jesus.  Christ surrounded himself with men and women who were, in many ways, no different than people of today; people who were so lost they didn’t even know it.  The characters depicted in Out of the Darkness were carefully selected to show the variety of individuals Jesus dealt with during His life on earth.


Joy Unspeakable

Though we put this musical in the Easter category, Joy Unspeakable is a rare musical that can actually be performed nearly any time of the year. Each character whose story is told was carefully selected and included in this musical. The comic characters of Jara and Simone are offset by those more sullen (though riveting) characters of Jesus’ mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. The music and lyrics help tell the story. It’s well crafted, beautiful, reverent when necessary, and fitting in every instance.


Incredible Cruise

Everyone knows the story of Noah and the Ark.  But, we doubt it has ever been told in such a fun and novel way.  Noah’s wife, Huldah, begins the show by explaining who she is and how Noah works night and day building the ark God told him to build.  She explains that God spoke to Noah about the pending flood and that he has taken the job very seriously. Joyful songs are used throughout the musical to help tell the story and each song is unique and powerful.