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Jeff & Gloria,

We were there Saturday for the buffet and show and just want you and the cast to know what a blessing it was. The five of us discussed it on the drive back to Richmond. I just don't know how you do it all - you just keep getting better and better. This show was 'right on', it had everything and was a great joy to attend. I just can't wait for the next one. You all have the additional talent of getting just the right actors for the right part and they all perform magnificently. I can't imagine my life without this theater and all of you in it. There would be a hole there bigger than the Grand Canyon that nothing else could fill. Please give my regards to all the cast. They are wonderful and also are great servers at the buffet. What a day we all had and what a great blessing you are to so many, over and over again.

Dr. Mason T. Chalkley

Richmond, Virginia

Dear Friends at the Rocky Hock Playhouse, Management, Staff, and Cast,

After being seated yesterday I never once looked back toward the entrance until the ten minute intermission.  The way the performance was going on I thought the house was full to capacity.  You folks were giving 110%.  Usually a play, show, or program sort of gradually reaches out to you, but no, no.
Yesterday, it just GRABBED us at the beginning and wouldn't let go. And, it just kept on getting better and better as the program progressed. (Probably because of the talent of the entire cast.)  I do believe it was the best I've witnessed...well, since the last Rocky Hock play of course. We've seen Under His Wings three times now and this was the GREATEST production yet.  The music, lights, sound, well everything, was just perfect.  Thanks for allowing us to worship with you once again.

Whoever picked these young people did a top notch job.  They are the greatest.  I want to call  names but an injustice would be done without calling them ALL.

Bill Edmonds
Norfolk, VA

Jeff and Gloria,

Our hearts are FULL and RUNNING OVER!!  We attended "For God So Loved" on Tuesday and it is wonderful... All of you did a superb job in telling the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We are so blessed to know Him as our personal Savior.  God is good!!  The Theatre is beautiful.....the color purple (Royalty) was so appropriate to portray stories about Jesus and His followers.  After lunch, we rode around Washington to see the beautiful, historical homes, then we sat down by the water front for about 3/4 hour, so relaxing.  (Washington is very similar to Edenton.)  It is a two hour drive from our home in Cary to the theatre.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day.... we'll spread the news!!

Thank you many times over,

Joan & Merrill Jackson

Thank you for keeping us updated. We will , indeed , plan to attend more of
your performances in Edenton. We are impressed at the content and quality of
your performances.

Thank you.

Carol Lippincott
The Chesapeake Retirement Community
Newport News, VA 23601


Dear Jeff and Gloria,

Greetings from home, well, Columbia for me. It was so good to read your email. It sounds as if your ministry to our military is being greatly blessed. I was in K-Town with my Dad and Mom from 1964 to 1967, in fact that is where I graduated from high school. My Dad was in the Air Force. I thank of you both and say special prayers for your ministry.   It is a blessing to the military folks. There was never anything like your willingness to serve our Lord in this manner when we were stationed all over the world. We were fortunate to find a gospel preaching church.

Take care and we will see you when you return.                                        

May God continue to bless you both and your work.                              

In Christ,

Kathy Hayes



What a joy it was to vicariously experience the blessing that you have been to the people overseas through your military ministry.  I much enjoyed the pictures and look forward to seeing you this summer for “Under His Wings.”  I just took a group to (competition) but Rocky Hock has a special place in my heart.  I appreciate you.


Ray Owens

Great Bridge Baptist Church

Chesapeake, VA


Dear Jeff,


Thank you for sharing your ministry, I was amazed at all the two of you do. The pictures are wonderful.


God bless,


Minnie Hughes




"Under His Wings" was the first production that I took our senior group to when you were inhabiting Nags Head.  Of course the drama troupe was a little different then because you and Gloria were bringing the students from your college with you.  I can still remember the "high energy" of that production and the Biblical message that was so clear.  Looking forward to packing my bus out to come your way.





Thank you for going to our military.  I had a son-in-law that was in the 1st batch of troops to go over when this war started. I have a daughter-in-law that has served 3 times in Iraq and once in Afghanistan.  My youngest son was in Bosnia when there was trouble there. My oldest son was in Kuwait and Oman when there was trouble there.  I can tell you my darkest moment was when the military informed me my son was missing (later found safe). Living here close to so many bases, Cherry Point, the 3 in Jacksonville, my son in Fayetteville and then son and daughter-in-law at Pope it really hurts when they have all served and then come home to people criticizing  the war.  I once heard someone say recently that when a military person goes to war the whole family goes.  This is so true.  It is a standard question from our friends and relatives now  "when is Christmas this year"?  It is when all the troops can be home whether it is Dec. Jan, Feb. The tree goes up in December but it does not come down until we have done Christmas with everyone. Our daughter-in-law is currently in Turkey.

Anyway thanks for being there for our troops.

Name withheld by request








Hi Jeff & Gloria:

So glad you had a good trip to Germany.  The pics were great and I am sure those people really enjoyed it.  I too wish Americans were more supportive of our troops.  Too many people do not understand the big picture.  People are so me me me nowadays.  Shame on us.

…I appreciate your efforts I am so happy I visited Rocky Hock theater and look forward to coming back soon.  When I go to our church seniors day this month, I plan to take a few brochures and explain your shows and ministry and suggest they plan a seniors 'outing' to Rocky Hock soon.  I will also ask if they will print the little ad in our newspaper, so I'll let you know any future plans as they work out.

One funny note...I was recently telling my Dad about visiting your show.  He is 84 now but still plenty mobile.  He used to operate a 2nd business in Edenton (block company) and I was shocked that he knew exactly where Rocky Hock was!   He is the only one I have mentioned it to that ever heard of  Rocky Hock!  So, I told him that his church group might want to check ya'll out as well (another church in Durham area).

Keep up the good work......and may God continue to bless you both and your ministry. 



It just went to every contact in my address book from New Bern to Hampton, Va.  The last time I did this a friend in Goldsboro, NC did get a load of friends together and go.  You ask me when I was up there just before you went to Germany if any of my friends went. Now I know they did.


Name withheld by request




Hi Family,


It's great to hear that all is going well. As the saying goes, "Your ears must have been burning" because the seniors from Mt Lebanon (The Mount) of Chesapeake have been buzzing about you guys and your excellent ministry every since we left on that rainy (smiles) afternoon of April 18th!


The whole experience was truly a blessing and something that they are looking forward to repeating.  We pray The Father will grant you safe passage throughout your trek and that the anointing of His precious Spirit will abide with you in all that you say and do, we so appreciate your continued efforts.  Now go do it for The King!


His Love and mine,

Wilhelmina P. Pearson


Each time that we come for a performance at Rocky Hock Theatre, we think to 
ourselves, "How can it get any better than this one"?  Well, it does! “A 
Ransom for All” was top notch. The music, action, & story were superb.  The 
special effects for a small theatre were excellent. The ultimate was when 
Jeff sang while on the cross.  It generated tears and goose bumps 
all at the same time. Kudos & thanks to you for sharing your wonderful God 
given talents to bless others.    
Ruth & Russ Bailey --Virginia Beach, VA



My wife and I and our Minister and his wife were able to see A RANSOM FOR ALL in the last week of the performances.  We all enjoyed the performance very much and are always amazed at the quality of the show and the performances of all the performers.  I look forward to seeing many more shows in the future.




M. G. Felton




Thanks for a magnificent performance...my heart is still joyful and full of praise and thankful that God is almighty and in control...  God bless you and your family and all the cast and staff that delivered a fine performance...



Sgt. Leon B. Whitehurst




A group of "seasoned citizens" of Greater Faith A.M.E. Zion Church, Petersburg, VA viewed "A Ransom for All" and all comments were "It was awesome."  It brought tears to our eyes.  The scenes were so realistic, it makes you feel that you were a part of the few family members and the followers who were there.  Just to think He did it all for us.  We love you for what you are providing for us, keep up the blessed work. We are patiently anticipating "Under His Wings."


Avonne Scott




"A Ransom For All" was awesome.  My group the "Royal Elders" continue to share with others just how "awesome" it was and they are excited to return for many of the other shows coming up. We are encouraging other groups in our church to visit.  Thank you Jeff and Gloria Emmerich, the family and friends who make the playhouse possible.  You are all a blessing and will be blessed.


New Bern Church of God

New Bern, NC


Have a blessed day


Kristy and John Hartwig

Group Leaders



A group from my Church went to the drama.  Among us was a young man who had never attended the Playhouse before.  He, as we all were, was in awe of the performance.  For days, it was all he could talk about. I believe this drama restored the faith of this young man. Thank you for all you do for this community and all the other places you perform. You truly spread the word of God in a way that all can understand.

God bless you and yours in your travel.

Minnie Hughes




As we have done in the past, we attended another extraordinary musical, A Ransom for All on March 29.  I keep saying that each musical we see is the absolute best and each time we are amazed to be able to share in another incredible performance at The Rocky Hock Playhouse that tells of the love of our wonderful and amazing God.  Thank you, Gloria, Jeff and all the performers for sharing your talents and opening your hearts to us.  By the way, Mrs. Cromley's Peanut Clusters are delicious!!!!!!


Lou and Gary Godfrey, Elizabeth City, NC




Jeff, … Now as to the most recent production I was most moved by the realism displayed by all the actors - it was as if I was viewing the events "on site" and "in sync" with the time. Although I knew the actors were 'performing their roles' they went far above the norm; it was as if they also were "living" the characters they were portraying. The attention to detail with all your productions is excellent and you give the audience far more that they pay for.  Your playhouse is a jewel that shines and sparkles amid the darkness of the day and brings happiness to all who take the time to come and see.  If it were in my power, I would make it mandatory that every school student witness several of your productions as preparation for graduation, and wish that every Church and Pastor could witness first hand, as I have, the messages portrayed in each performance that we leave with that helps us cope and face the trials and tribulations of daily living.  Keep up the good work.


Will talk with you when you get back and will be down with some of the youth from our church.


Dr. Mason T. Chalkley

Richmond, VA




"A Ransom for All" was outstanding!  Gloria outdoes herself in every production.  And, the cast did a fantastic job.  It made me appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made for us even more. We are so fortunate to have a Christian Playhouse of this caliber in our community.  May God bless you as continue to provide this service.




Faye Ober

Edenton, NC




What a blessing to this area to have such talent right here.  And to have Gloria, who is so talented, to write, sing and direct.  And Jeff's talent with her.  What a package!  I enjoy the personal side of the characters you always show in your performances.  The harmony, the talent, the acting and all you can do with so few.  Others take all the detail and give the story. You take personal pieces and make the story real.  God's love shines through it all. You make what happened 2000 years ago, and those people, seem more like people who really lived, not just a story.


Looking forward to your next performance!!


May God Bless You,

Gloria and Jack Bolch



As I stated in a previous email, our seniors' group Belles & Beaux from Monument Heights Baptist Church in Richmond, VA were very touched by the presentation of "A Ransom for All."  On our way home I asked the group to tell me their thoughts.  One of the comments that I heard the most was that the interaction between the characters was expressed in such intensity and reality that it made us feel that we were actually watching the story as it happened.  Thank you so much for all the time and devotion you all put into sharing God's great love for us through the shows you present at Rocky Hock.  You will be in our prayers as you carry HIS LOVE overseas to our troops.  God bless you as you continue to................

Keep HIS SON Shining!

Ann Kitchens
Richmond, VA



Dear Mr. Emmerich,

Thank you so much for all you and your family do.  It was quite the blessing to be able to visit the playhouse and attend your show.  Each one of you did a beautiful job.  My group truly enjoyed it and continues to say how "awesome" it was.  Thanks again and we will be back.  Other groups in our church will be coming too.  I'll be passing along all information to them as well.


Have a blessed day,


Kristy Hartwig

New Bern, NC











I was there on March 25 and I really enjoyed the show.  I have been to a lot of shows in my lifetime and I can tell you, God has really given you all a lot of talent.  It is the best play I have ever been to.  I will be back in July to see the next play.

Keep on keeping on for Christ




Good morning Jeff and thanks for the emails. I came with a friend and her church group yesterday but I will surely recommend Rocky Hock to my own church and other friends. It was SO GOOD and all the way home on the bus, I kept hearing comments and people making plans to come back. We were very impressed and clearly picked up on the fact that it was your 'ministry' and not just a 'professional performance' so I admire you all for being so faithful to your calling and for creating such a unique event. Boy, we all kept saying we could not believe just 6 people could sing such BIG music. Amazing. Being a bus load of ladies, we also appreciated the story of Calvary from the mother Mary's perspective. It must have been so very painful and Gloria identified so well with that. All characters were excellent but the music was fantastic. Enjoyed it so much. I still can't believe you could sing so well while 'on the cross' (hence the hairy chest comment I made). That must have been tough to breathe deeply in that position.

Thanks also for a little background info. Unfortunately, so many colleges and universities are only about secular issues and lifestyles. I know that well as I worked for 37 years for high level scientists and Ph.D.s with the Environmental Protection Agency and highly academic people are not always the most in tune with their spiritual needs. But you guys beat the trend! Smart + smarter! Love it. I can only reflect on that Scripture that asks what you "did with your talents" so my compliments for using your substantial talent and creativity for the benefit of the Kingdom.

I look forward to future emails and will pass along information to others as well as send a donation right away towards your Germany trip. That is also a wonderful ministry. We must not forget our troops amid all the political bantering. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Now, I think I'll go fix a cup of coffee and have one of Gloria's chocolate clusters. They were
delicious too.

May God continue to Bless your efforts.



We thoroughly enjoyed your production today! Jen is a drama student at First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills, working on the musical, "Hello, Dolly." She will tell her drama teacher as well as the Manteo High School drama teacher all about your production. We are involved with a lot of churches in the OBX so we'll spread the word to Kitty Hawk United Methodist, Duck United Methodist, Mt. Olivet United Methodist (Manteo), Nags Head Church, the YMCA, and our neighbor who is the priest at the Southern Shores Episcopal Church and LOVES drama. The ladies in my neighborhood interdenominational Bible Study (Liberty Christian Church) and more. All the churches will celebrate the National Day of Prayer soon so we can pass the flyers out there. I'll let you know if I need some more. I'll ask my work, The Virginian-Pilot, about another story for the summer production. If I can just find the time, I'll write a letter to the editors of our local newspapers about how great your production is. I'll send you a copy but I might wait until closer to July & August. If I can think of anything else, I'll be glad to give you some publicity. Maybe the library will let me post the flyer. ps. If you have time to read a miracle about the Nags Head Baptist Youth Pastor's wife and new 2 pound baby daughter. Here's an amazing story being read by thousands of people from all over the world. Nathan's wife, Trisha, is now waiting for a double lung transplant since she suffers from cystic fibrosis. http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/

Peggy Bryson


Our Friends at Rocky Hock,

Truly, this was the best.  You used The Word and caused it to stir our hearts and souls, and remind us all what the Easter season is all about and why.  This production makes me feel so small as it causes me to look inside myself and see not a pretty picture but one that is so unworthy of these events.  Then, I realize it is love.  Jesus went through quite a rough time the last week as a man, a time no one other than God himself could have endured.  This production surely should be labeled with a special label "Do This One Again Next Easter," and many times in the future.  The truth of this production should never grow dim to anyone who even thinks he/she has any idea what God has done to redeem us.  The greatest price ever has been paid for even me.  The title is no more than perfect.  The arrangement is perfect.  The cast could not have been any better, lighting, sound, backdrops, all made a great production of a true story.  If I had to rename it, it would be another "The Greatest Story Ever Told". 

Thank you ALL for this another Great day of worship.

 Bill and Irma, Norfolk, VA 
 PS:   Give the writer a raise.



To all the performers and stage hands,


It was my first time visiting Rocky Hock Playhouse and after watching the Thursday performance  I can't seem to find the right words to express how much it meant to me to see all of you using your God given gifts and talents to the fullest to deliver the greatest message of all.  It was beautiful and reached all of our hearts. 


I was very glad we brought our two children to see it.  My daughter age 13 was baptized four years ago and my son age 7 has recently been considering it.  The performance certainly helped reinforce their understanding as they grow to know Jesus.


Thank you all for what you have done and continue to do, we look forward to our next trip to Rocky Hock.


God Bless


Albert R. Hogg Jr.


P.S.  The peanut clusters were great!  We ate them on our journey back home to Williamsburg Va.


I would be more than happy to display your posters on the bulletin board in our church (both the Older Adult Ministries board and the main Church Board).  I am chairman of the Older Adult Ministries, and we have had two wonderful visits to your theatre in 2007.  We have another trip planned for the summer to see the Story of Ruth.  I just don't know the dates yet (they weren't posted the last time I checked your website).  You do an extraordinary job, and the love of God shows in your performances.  Please don't give up!

Anne Whatley
Moyock United Methodist Church



Hello Emmerichs and Cast,


I received your e-mail requesting our help in getting the news out about your playhouse.  I would be thrilled to help. 


I have been coming to the playhouse for a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every play I have seen.  Please send me 3 flyers for A Ransom For All and I will show it to the youth director and talk to him about a outing for the youth.  I will take one and talk to the Awannas about an outing for their group.  The other I will submit to my Sunday school class to see if maybe I can work something out there.  I will also ask if we can have your advertisement in our bulletin.  I will pray for your continued success.               


Theresa Terry

Norfolk, VA



My husband, neighbors and I have been to the last two plays and have enjoyed them so much. We are now in the process of getting a group of family and friends together to see the Easter play. I would be glad to tell my pastor and church about your playhouse and the next play especially. I'll download some posters and approach them this weekend. Hope to see you all again in the future. You're all such a blessing. I bought 2 CDs the last visit and listen to them all the time. Your music is such a breath of fresh air in this world. Thanks for all your hard work.

God bless you.

Marie Sample


Hi!  Our seniors' group Belles & Beaux from Monument Heights Baptist Church in Richmond, VA loves making our trips to Rocky Hock.  This past Feb. 12 was our first trip in our own church bus.  Usually, our trips have been coordinated with another group.  Our new associate pastor Rupert Rose is licensed to drive the bus for us.  We are looking forward to being back for the Easter show on March 13.  We promote your productions on our bulletin board and talk about it at our Belles & Beaux meetings each month.  We really appreciate all you do to put these performances together and look forward to continuing to make the trips.  You all are fantastically talented.  God has truly blessed you. 

My husband Bill and I stopped at Rocky Hock last year on one of our vacation trips to our home state Alabama.  By the way, this is our first year as co-chairs of Belles & Beaux.  I am glad I retired last year because I am now able to make the trips with the group.

Thanks for continuing to........


Ann Kitchens


Wow!!!!!!  What a wonderful evening we had, our first time seeing a Rocky Hock presentation.  You all have some incredible talent.  How wonderful to use it in a way that is such a blessing to many.  I met you briefly on our way out, and mentioned to check out (theonelambmovie.com)  click on survivors. My story is there .I'm, sharing this to ask you to pray for this movie as it is presented.  We are all praying that the Christian community will diligently pray that this too will be a testimony to others.  Those of us who have experienced cancer want something good to come out of all that.  This is one way to do that.  Am hoping that your interest in theatre will prompt you to pray often as we will for all of you.   Thanks again for a wonderful evening.


Esther Reilly


Dear Jeff and Gloria: I want to thank you for the wonderful performance of “We’re in this together” on Sunday night, Feb 17th. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the songs, humor, and your great passion of sharing the love of Jesus. The people of Currituck County were blessed by having you with us.  We have cherished the two years you have been able to come our way. I pray you can come again next year. You and Gloria could be on Broadway yet you use your talent in a humble way to advance God’s purposes. I know you have given up much to minister to us in Eastern Carolina. I know he has rewarded you both with a good life together, and the joy of serving Him. Thanks for your service to Christ. On behalf of the Elders and Saints of



God bless you both.


Pastor Dennis Crehan

Jarvisburg Church of Christ

Jarvisburg, NC